Is MangaStream a Good Alternative to TenManga?

If you’re interested in working as a manga redrawer for a website, you’ve come to the right place. MangaStream is an online manga community with millions of followers. You can apply to be part of the community to work for a few hours a day, Monday through Thursday. The time required will depend on the manga you’re redrawing and how much you can commit. The application process will take approximately one week, and you’ll be paid for your work based on how much manga you’ve completed.

Another good mangastream alternative is TenManga. This site has a huge database of manga comics across 55 genres. Alternatively, you can use the first letter of the comic title to search. This website is updated regularly, and has a full comics section. TenManga is also updated daily, so you’ll always have the latest updates. Moreover, the site’s interface is similar to Mangastream’s, and it has dedicated categories for anime, manga, and other genres.

The site used to be a great source of manga comics, but it became illegal when the real owners of the comics discovered it. The shutdown of MangaStream led to a significant loss of revenue for publisher Shueisha. As such, manga fans should try to find an alternative site. It’s a better choice than the one you were using to read manga online. However, you should be careful when choosing a manga stream, since some are better than others duysnews .

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