How To Style Women’s Jackets


To make a fashion statement, women have been wearing jackets for decades. The women’s jackets are not only a piece of clothing but rather an accessory to an outfit to enhance the look and keep you warm.

This timeless garment is available in various types and styles in the market and the fashion industry. But all one needs is to select the best jackets that will go with every outfit and give you a stunning look while going out.

Are you wondering how and which jackets to wear to look stylish and chic? Read on further to know all the fantastic ways you can try to rock your favourite types of jackets and stand out looking like a showstopper.

Styling Tips for Women’s Jackets

●      Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are one kind of casual jacket which mostly all women own. It’s a staple statement which everyone must own at least. A denim jacket is the most versatile fabric as it goes with anything- dresses, shorts, skirts, gowns, jeans, and shirts! Add a denim jacket to any outfit, making it way better.

It can be paired with any type of upper wear like a plain simple top, crop tops, printed dresses, or plain dresses. In addition, there are incredibly stylish denim jacket choices available from which you can choose, such as white, dark, light washed, sleeveless, patchwork, and cropped.

●      Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are a type of leather jacket that usually looks tomboyish but also has a feminine side to them at the same time. These unbeatable designer Bomber jackets work great with every piece of clothing. They look dapper on skirts, ripped jeans, maxi skirts, shorts and everything else you can think of.

Pair the bomber jacket with a plain white shirt and ripped jeans giving a stern look to the person. Women are usually seen wearing them over skirts and dresses as well.

●      Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are best suited for women who are intimidated by their weight and want to hide it with style. However, it is best worn in winters to get protection from the cool breeze. Usually, the puffer jackets are lightweight, making them easy to carry. They come in various colours and lengths- short to the waist or long till the knees.

When styling the puffer jacket, pair it with warm wool or knit midi skirt to give a more romantic vibe. Next, add high-knee boots and tights when it is freezing cold for an extra chic look. Finally, add on contrasting silhouettes to give a balanced and stylish look.

●      Biker/ Leather jacket

A biker or leather jacket is unbeatably the best jacket that provides both comfort and a stylish look. It is an ideal jacket when you want to look low-key yet stylish on normal days—layer the jacket on a contrasting hoodie to give an elegant look.

If your office allows a more relaxed approach, pair your biker jacket with a longline shirt and a cross-body bag. For bottoms, opt for cropped wide-leg trousers and boots or smart loafers.

Whereas for a much edgier look, most women opt for a perfectly fitted leather jacket for casual attire or parties. Everyone must have a pair of biker/leather jackets in their wardrobe as it works with many options.

Pair it with a classic white top, blue jeans and boots for a casual day out. Ultimately this biker jacket can be your day-to-night cover-up, whether you pair it with graphic striped dresses or daintier floral tops. Then, add knee-high boots or your favourite heels for dinner.

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