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If you’re wondering what causes fatal car accidents, you’re not alone. Statistics show that distracted driving and disobeying traffic laws contribute to car accidents. While those factors have declined over time, others have increased. In 2014, for example, more than half of fatal crashes involved an alcohol-impaired driver. Nonetheless, a number of factors continue to contribute to car accidents. Read on to learn about some of these factors.

Distracted driving is the leading cause of motor vehicle crashes. Many crashes occur at night, or between six and nine p.m. Weekend fatalities are also high. Distracted driving can occur while you’re talking on the phone or eating or applying makeup. Even seasoned drivers can become distracted when they are driving, which leads to a lack of attention on the road and an eventual accident. While some distractions might seem trivial, they can lead to fatal car crashes stylishster.

Drivers who fail to obey traffic signs can cause deadly accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 44% of fatal crashes result from failure to obey traffic signs. Failure to obey traffic signs can cause accidents – especially when other drivers are distracted. Likewise, a driver who is drowsy, drunk, or distracted can veer into a driver’s lane. While it seems obvious, drivers who fail to obey traffic signs may be responsible for many car accidents.

Despite the fact that accidents can result in fatalities, there is still a way to improve road safety. Among other things, driving more carefully can improve safety and lower the risk of getting into a car accident. There are many causes of motor vehicle crashes. Consider these three to find out how you can reduce the risks associated with these accidents. The results can be alarming! You can also learn about these risks by reading the following causes of fatal car accidents tishare.


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