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What Is Considered Plus Size in Jeans?

When it comes to buying a pair of jeans, knowing what size is “plus” is crucial. In the past, many styles and brands were not available in plus sizes. Now, more plus-size options are available. In addition to the traditional sizes, there are now a variety of “in-between” sizes, as well. These sizes are between 00 and 12 and size 14 and larger. However, some brands use the plus-size grading system for these sizes, which makes buying them a bit difficult.

When buying plus-size jeans, keep in mind that many brands only make a few sizes larger than the straight-size range. For example, straight-size brands typically stop at a size 12 or bigger. Because of this, plus-size retailers begin their collections at a larger size in order to serve the entire plus-size market. Usually, this size falls between sizes 14 and 26. Plus-size lines tend to have a higher rise and are made with curve-specific patterns.

In addition to the traditional brands, there are specialty stores that specialize in jeans for plus-size customers. For example, Lane Bryant has a brand called Catherines, which carries jeans up to 36 and has more than 350 locations nationwide. Catherines, like other traditional plus-size boutiques, caters to older, less trend-conscious consumers. The selection at these stores isn’t quite as extensive as those at Lane Bryant, but it is still a great place to start shopping for jeans if you’re looking for a classic style.

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