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Why Did You Choose a Course in Fashion Design?

A career in fashion is one Slbux of the most rewarding and fun careers. If you have a natural flair for design and style, you are in luck. Many people in this industry don’t necessarily have any formal training, but they do have innate talent and a knack for fashion. While these traits cannot be taught, they can certainly be honed through schooling and practice. So, why did you choose a course in fashion design?

First, you’ll want to select a school with a reputation for producing talented and award-winning designers. This means attending a prestigious fashion design school. Without a reputation, fashion designers may not be taken seriously. Hence, choosing a renowned school is crucial if you want to make a name for yourself in the industry. Make sure you research your school thoroughly before applying. Find out what their admission requirements are, if they have any internship programs, and how their portfolios compare to other colleges.

A fashion designer typically specialises in one type justprintcard of design. High street fashion is what most designers produce, and is typically commercial and media-led. Established designers create bespoke collections, usually for retail, and create one-off garments for catwalk shows. Haute couture, on the other hand, requires vast amounts of time to create one-off garments for fashion shows. A successful designer will also manage marketing and business activities.

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