Types of sunglasses

Sunglasses add sophistication to even the most basic ensembles; look at Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street to see what we mean.

However, Prada sunglasses aren’t only a fashion statement anymore. Sunglasses should provide ultraviolet (UV) protection, ideally UVA/UVB, for more thorough coverage, given the recent decade’s emphasis on free radicals, UV exposure, and anti-ageing.

Classic men’s sunglasses fall into the following categories:

Sunglasses with a Wingtip Design

The name reflects its military origins. Aviator sunglasses were made in the 1930s for pilots. They have tear-drop-shaped lenses, a double bridge, and metal frames (though there are plastic and acrylic versions). They provided excellent peripheral vision at the time, and this benefit remains relevant.

Sunglasses with Wayfarer temples

Today, Ray-Ban sunglasses are almost universally identified as wanderers. Still, this style’s unique mix of angular lenses, trapezoidal frames, and softer, rounded corners makes it one of the most adaptable and attractive frames out there. The frames of classic and modern variations of this type, like the Wayfarer II, tend to be thicker and made of acetate or plastic.

Circle Sunglasses

Round-framed sunglasses are symbolic of the counterculture; they are commonly associated with hippies, ’90s crime flicks (such as National Born Killers), and ’70s music icons like Elton John and John Lennon. In recent years, these glasses have made a comeback. Their classic design, with medium-width circular lenses set in metal or clear acetate frames, hasn’t changed much.

For example, last year’s fashion, inspired by the movie The Matrix, was a variation made by making the circle into an oval.

Clubmaster Polarised Sunglasses

While the horn-shaped temples and round lenses may remind you of wayfarers, Ray-Ban introduced these glasses as a new style. The basic layout hasn’t altered much over the years; however, you could come across some more angular examples.

Sunglasses with a Wide Frame

Despite a brief, casual run in the 1990s, this style of sunglasses is generally associated with sports and active applications, having been heavily influenced by ski and racing styles. Most wraparound frames have elliptical lenses that curve around to cover the sides and sit closer to the face to keep out dust and other particles. However, this is not always the case.

Sunglasses With a Keyhole-Shaped Opening

These sunnies have a keyhole cutout in the middle, which helps keep them in place and their distinctive moniker. A double bridge often makes this cutout. The remaining lenses can be either round or aviator-shaped to match the rest of the frame.

Brow bar

Sunglasses with a brow bar also have many similarities to aviators. The most noticeable thing is that a metal bar is added to the top of the frame. This bar is usually in the shape of a rounded cylinder.

Men’s Sunglasses in Various Designs

Even if you pick a different frame, modern Prada sunglasses fall into one of three categories when it comes to design:

  • For the most part, lenses will have a frame that extends entirely around the edge or a “full frame.”
  • Clubmasters are the most common frames in the half-frame category, but any style will do. In this style, the lenses are framed in different ways along the top and bottom.
  • More and more people are opting for frames without any visible edges. While the frame is flush with the temple, there is a significant gap around the lens. The lenses may look like they are floating, but chips and cracks will show if you aren’t careful.

A pair of polarised sunglasses, please.

Polarised lenses, another preventative measure, lessen the glare of both direct and reflected light. In doing so, the lenses reduce the intensity of incoming light and the brightness of light reflected from an adjacent surface. Therefore, polarised sunglasses are recommended for any activity where the wearer may come across reflecting surfaces, such as driving, cycling, ski sports, and water sports.

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