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What Do Female Fashion Designers Wear Every Day?

If you’ve ever wondered what female fashion designers wear, you’re not alone. A recent article in the New York Times asked this very question: “What do female fashion designers wear every day?” Tina Fey, the comedian and writer who co-authored the book Bossypants, had some interesting insight. “You should wear the clothes that designers wear every day.” The funny thing is that fashion designers actually wear jeans, activewear, and casual clothes anxnr.

Founded in 1983, Rodarte is the brand of Kate and Laura Mulleavy. Known for their independence and fantastical beauty, the brand shows twice a year. While the clothes may not be practical wardrobe fillers, they are incredibly attractive. Even if you don’t plan to wear them often, you’ll find them inspiring. These fashion designer dresses are never basic or boring; they are always a step above what your average girl wears.

Another famous designer who was nicknamed “Marni” for her oversized red glasses was Ann Demeulemeester. She was a member of the legendary Antwerp Six, a loosely configured group of female graduates from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium who jolted the fashion world in the late ’80s. She was a fiercely original designer, often working in black and white, and paired her designs with military-style suits and combat boots. Her trademark red glasses made her a very recognizable figure on the runway.

In addition to the clothes she designs, these designers use sustainable materials. For example, Stella McCartney is increasingly vocal about animal cruelty, and her Seven Easy Pieces line incorporates recycled polyester. She also uses vegetable-based materials and uses traceable fibers such as alpaca. She is also environmentally-friendly, as alpaca is far more eco-friendly than cashmere. Moreover, she recently designed the Meghan Markle wedding dress with viscose, a fiber made from wood pulp sccbuzz

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