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How to Play a Playlist on Alexa Echo

One of the ways to listen to your favorite music is to create a playlist on Amazon Music. To create a playlist on your Echo speaker, hit the three-dot menu button next to a song you want to add. Then, select Edit Playlist. From there, you can add, remove, and move songs around as needed. This feature is especially helpful if you have a large collection of songs that you want to play at a specific time.

Once you have the right playlist, you can tell Alexa to play it. You can also tell her to play your favorite song based on the artist, genre, mood, and more. Alexa will even play the instrumental version of a song. Then, you can add the song to your custom playlist or your music library. You can even select music based on its mood, which can be helpful if you’re in a mood slump.

Using your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can pair your Echo device with your phone. Make sure both of your devices have Bluetooth enabled. Open the Alexa app on your mobile device and sign into your Amazon account. Select the Alexa gadget in the device list, and tap it. After pairing, Alexa will announce that the two devices are now connected. Once the devices are paired, you can control the playback by talking to Alexa.

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